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The UK Renal Data Collaboration (UK RDC) aims to:

  • Improve and standardise the scope and detail of renal unit data

  • Move to paperless electronic patient records

  • Improve and standardise data communications between UKRDC member organisations and between renal units, allowing for the rapid transfer of a full patient record and full access to their data by patients

  • Improve the use made of available data and thereby improve efficiency


In order to achieve these aims the UKRDC has submitted several proposals for IT developments in the renal community in the UK. 

  • Adopt standard terms using SNOMED CT and LOINC

  • Adopt standard methods for labelling and formatting data via the creation of a data model and standard messaging systems.

  • Develop two way communications between all participants, including patients via Patient View (PV).

  • Build and maintain a data repository with a suitable operating system, security, communication network and database. This will act as the communications hub for the organisations in the UKRDC.

Further details regarding the Aims and Proposals of the UKRDC Project can be found in the UKRDC White Paper.