UKRDC Dataset

Common Schema Elements

Coded Data Items

Throughout the schema there are points where we ask for a coded data item. Instead of a single field we ask for three:


This is the code list (SNOMED, ICD10, READ etc.) that the code comes from.


This is the value itself.


This should be the term that was displayed in the UI when the value was picked.

Prefixes used in UKRR files such as “%EDTA1=” and “%RR=” should not be included in the Code field.


This should be a consistent reference by which you refer to an item of data. This then allows the item of data to be deleted or updated.

If you have obtained the data item from another system then where possible you should use the identifier that came from that system – such as a test number from a LIMS. This allows us to detect duplicate items that may be submitted via multiple renal systems. Otherwise a possible value would be the row identifier from your database.


This should contain the date that the item was created or modified within your system. If we receive the same item of data from multiple systems then in places the item with the most recent UpdatedOn date will be used.