UKRDC Dataset

Extract Types

Extract Types are used to indicate the source of the data that the RDA file being loaded into the database came from. The purpose of this is a) To allow the Repository to change its behaviour and b) To indicate the quality of the source data.

SURVEYCSV files produced either by FormStorm scanning or send directly from the SharedHD project.
PVMIGData taken from the PV2 Database
HSMIGData taken from the HealthShare Database
PVData sent from Units in PV XML Format
RADARData from the RADAR System
UKRDCData supplied directly in RDA Format
MIRTHData supplied in RDA Format which has been produced by our UKRDC Extract Tool.

Repository Custom Behaviour


The Repository will enable logic to update the FromTime of an existing open ProgramMembership if another is loaded with an earlier FromTime.


Enables a mode called CLEAR where the entire record is deleted prior to loading the contents of the submitted file.

Default (inc PV/MIRTH/UKRDC)

Enables a mode called NOLABDELETE where there is no implied delete of Orders, ResultItems and Observations within the received timeboxed dataset.