Data Repository

The data repository will:

  • Provide secure, fast and high capacity data storage, with validation and version control

  • Support a query language with output to other renal systems and external analysis software

  • Adhere to relevant principles specified in The Renal Information Exchange Group (RIXG) renal database requirements

  • Manage data with sufficient granularity and associated metadata to support the needs of all UKRDC member organisations

  • Identify data records with a unique ID e.g. using a Global Unique Identifier (GUID)

  • Collaborate closely with the UK renal IT/EPR suppliers

  • Improve renal unit clinical and data governance and the acceptance of standardisation of clinical terminology and message structure

  • Adopt fully electronic records that will support the highest standards of care, decision support, embedded prompts, error and pattern detection. It will also provide full access for patients and reuse of data for secondary purposes including quality improvement, service development, clinical and epidemiology research and teaching