UKRDC Dataset


UKRR: This is required for V4 & V5 of the UKRR Dataset.


These should be used to record all diagnoses of the patient being submitted, ideally using SNOMED.

Where you wish to communicate a “Negative” Diagnosis set Diagnosis to be the condition which the patient does not have (such as Diabetes) and then VerificationStatus to “Refuted”.

If possible we would also like to capture where a Diagnosis has been subsequently changed. In these cases the VerificationStatus shoud be set to “Refuted” or “Entered-In-Error” and continue to be sent to the UKRDC, alongside the superceeding Diagnsosis.



Schema Diagnosis (Github)


<Diagnosis> <UpdatedOn>2000-01-01T09:30:10Z</UpdatedOn> <Diagnosis> <CodingStandard>SNOMED</CodingStandard> <Code>46635009</Code> <Description>Type 1 Diabetes</Description> </Diagnosis> <IdentificationTime/> <OnsetTime/> <EnteredOn/> <ActionCode>A</ActionCode> <ExternalId/> </Diagnosis>