UKRDC Dataset FeedDialysis Session (Procedure)

UKRDC Dataset

Dialysis Session (Procedure)

UKRR: This is required for V4 & V5 of the UKRR Dataset.

These should be used to record any Dialysis sessions. Observations and Laboratory results that are associated with each session should be recorded in the standard places.


Schema DialysisSession (Github)


<DialysisSession> <UpdatedOn/> <ProcedureType> <CodingStandard>SNOMED</CodingStandard> <Code>19647005</Code> <Description>Plasma Exchange</Description> </ProcedureType> <Clinician></Clinician> <ProcedureTime></ProcedureTime> <EnteredBy></EnteredBy> <EnteredAt>/EnteredAt> <ActionCode></ActionCode> <ExternalId></ExternalId> <Attributes> <QHD19></QHD19> </Attributes> </DialysisSession>