UKRDC Dataset

Treatment (Encounter)

UKRR: This is required for V4 & V5 of the UKRR Dataset.


The Treatment entries should be similar to what was sent in the TXT entries in the quarterly files.

Basically they’re meant to represent a period of time that a patient was under the care of a hospital for the purpose of receiving a particular type of care. It is possible for treatment records to overlap if a patient has multiple treatments (such as post-transplant dialysis). A treatment record should exist for any period of time where they would be considered a patient (so for example code 900 record for pre-RRT CKD and a code 94 record for post-RRT Conservative care).

They’re not meant to represent individual out-patient spells with the possible exception of someone having a transplant procedure.

So for example –

  • FromTime – 01/01/2000

  • ToTime – 01/01/2001

  • AdmitReasonCode = 900 (CKD)

  • HealthCareFacilityCode = REE01  


  • FromTime = 01/01/2001

  • ToTime = 01/01/2002

  • AdmitReasonCode = 1 (HD)

  • HealthCareFacilityCode = REE01


  • FromTime = 01/01/2002

  • AdmitReasonCode = 29 (TX)

  • HealthCareFacilityCode = REE01


AdmitReasonCode is Modality, HealthCareFacilityCode is Treatment Centre. If the patient has Transferred-In from another Renal Unit AdmissionSource should be populated, ideally with the code of the unit or 995/ABROAD if unknown.

Where possible/applicable DischargeReasonCode should be populated with one of these Modalities ( ) .

Where the code indicates that the patient has “Transferred Out” then DischargeLocationCode should be populated, again ideally with the code of the Unit they are going to or 995/ABROAD if unknown.

A possible idea for the future is that DischargeReasonCode may also be used to record things such as the reason a patient changes from HD to PD etc. that we tried to capture in V4 but that will be something for beyond V5.


PAT33 - First Seen Date

This will be derived in the UKRDC UKRR Extract by looking for a Treatment entry with a Modality of 101 (“First assessment in Kidney Service”). This could be recorded with the other Treatment entries in the Renal System or just be how a “First Seen” date recorded on an RRT record is supplied. a ToTime should be supplied even if it is just the same vaue as the FromTime.

If a 101 modality is not found the value will be taken from the start date of the earliest other Treatment entry.







Schema Treatment (github)


<Treatment> <EncounterType>O</EncounterType> <FromTime>2002-05-30T09:00:00</FromTime> <ToTime>2003-05-30T09:00:00</ToTime> <AdmitReason> <CodingStandard>CF_RR7_TREATMENT</CodingStandard> <Code>1</Code> <Description>Haemodialysis</Description> </AdmitReason> <AdmissionSource> <CodingStandard>RR1</CodingStandard> <Code>ABROAD</Code> <Description>Abroad</Description> </AdmissionSource> <HealthCareFacility> <CodingStandard>RR1_PLUS</CodingStandard> <Code>REE01</Code> <Description>Southmead Hospital</Description> </HealthCareFacility> <DischargeReason> <CodingStandard>CF_RR7_DISCHARGE</CodingStandard> <Code>38</Code> <Description>Patient transferred Out</Description> </DischargeReason> <DischargeLocation> <CodingStandard>RR1_PLUS</CodingStandard> <Code>REE01</Code> <Description>Southmead Hospital</Description> </DischargeLocation> </Treatment>